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Streetzlegend Front Mount Turbo Build Part 3

In this part three of the front mount turbo setup I go over the exhaust options. Exhaust exit to the floor, exit out of the hood and cat back exhaust.

Some information about the car:
1997 Maxima
Turbo (initially rear mount turbo)

Floor Exit

To get the car on the street quickly I made the turbo exit aiming down to the floor. This was not fun like when you drive around the block with no cat back installed and you cant feel your own body due to the noise and drone. The pipe used was 3.5inch and the bend was made with pie cuts for a sharper turn to stay away from the radiator.

Driving required some getting used too. As you drive a car for a long time you start to become aware of the sounds it makes. You can hear when its lean, rich, knocking, or piston slapping. When those sounds are overpowered by the exhaust, you are left with no feedback; you feel disconnected. Apart from that the car was now alive. Here are videos with the exhaust to the floor.

Front mount turbo idling with down pipe aiming to the floor.
Front mount turbo untuned test drive with down pipe to the floor.

Cat Back

I started working on a cat back solution. There was enough space between the cross member and the turbo feed pipe. I had to make a reducer from the turbo to a 3 inch 90 degree pipe. To accomplish this I got the flange for the turbo and made v cuts all around the end that welds to the exhaust. I then bent the fins(created with the V cuts) inward and welded them all; this gave me a smooth reducer. I welded the 90 degree pipe to the flange, welded the other end to a new 90 degree pipe that turns under the engine and between the cross member and turbo feed pipe.

Catback exhaust sound clip.
Testing the cat back exhaust at 16psi of boost.

Hood Exit

The hood exist was not my first option, it was not even a thought. With the car not being daily driven I figured I would try something new. I made a 3.5 inch pipe with pie cuts to achieve 90 degrees and pointed it up to the hood. To find where I needed to cut I put grease on the pipe and closed the hood to see where it would mark. After hacking away this is the result.

The hood exit was more quiet than when pointing to the floor. It is still loud but it does not feel like an earthquake anymore.

In Part 4 of this article I will go over the finishing touches, and that is the side exhaust that sounds great.

To be continued…

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