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Mr Greenmax Turbo VQ30 550WHP+

Now this is what I am talking about folks. Today we feature this 1999 Nissan Maxima that is making over 500WHP on the VQ30. Nowadays most maxima enthusiasts want to swap a 3.5 (VQ35) in their 4th Gen (95-99) Maxima’s and forget to realize that the VQ30 is well equipped to handle great power in factory and in built form.

An interesting aspect of this build is that despite making such great power it still has the factory 4th Gen intake manifold which is proven to be the most inefficient. This build has a lot more potential and I am looking forward to seeing more.

Overall Details

The turbo is a Precision 62/62 with 3″ piping from the turbo to the throttle body and a 3″ exhaust from the turbo to the back along with a cutout that exists out of the passenger side door.

The fuel system consists of a 6an return line and a 8an feed. Feeding the fuel are 960cc Injectors and a 450 Walbro with a Aeromotive fuel filter.
It also has nitrous using a ZEX Nitrous Wet System, jetted for 65HP.  

The computer handling this monster is a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000. To get the Haltech to work at the time a Ford Mustang trigger wheel needed to be used. The boost is controlled by gear via the Haltech, 1st gear has no boost, 2nd gear gets 15psi, and there after 21psi. 570WHP.

Engine Details:

JWT Cams
VQ30 Built Block with Wiseco pistons 9.1 compression
K1 Rods
ACL bearing
Block Guard


05 Maxima 6 speed with SER Spec V gears and limited slip; using Redline Fluid to help with shock.
Holding it the torque is a ClutchMaster twin disk clutch

Worked performed by MPHFabrication and tuned by Autoauthorityct.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did and I will be sure to continue sharing updates of this sweet ride.

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