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Installing R34 Headlights on a 97 Maxima

I have created a video showing some of the steps I took in order to get the R34 aftermarket head lights installed on my 97 Maxima.These headlights look great however they are inexpensive aftermarket items that usually need some fine adjustments to install correctly. In this particular case they sent two left side brackets that are needed, I had to modify one of them to work on one side. Another note is that the rubber seal around the lights tend to detach easily; they can be put back with glue. Overall I like the lights a lot, they are a great improvement to the original lights I had. These lights could be bought on eBay or on amazon here:

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1 thought on “Installing R34 Headlights on a 97 Maxima

  1. […] headlights from eBay and with some modification, they fit well (I made a video and article on that here). I wanted to do an inexpensive retrofit job that was much cleaner than the previous one. I opted […]

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