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How to rear mount turbo your car. Part 2

Stock VQ35DE Broken Rod compared to an Eagle H-Beam Rod

Rear Mount Turbo VQ35 Swap

After racing the VQ30 a lot I eventually needed to replace the head gasket. Since this was my first experience tuning a car, the engine spent a lot of time knocking initially. I wrote an article about my tuning experience here. Over time I noticed that at 10psi the coolant reservoir would over fill, this meant that the head gasket was starting to fail. I then replaced the gasket and continued pushing the VQ30 passed 10psi. The engine started to also develop additional blow-by because the rings were not sealing properly. I believe these failures were due to my tuning experience, I am not upset nor do I regret this as this was part of the learning experience for tuning a turbo car.  ...  Continue Reading

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Crank Pressure

DIY PCV Vented Catch Can with a 1/2 Barb.

From my experience VQ35’s tend to have excess crank pressure. Think about it, how many 3.5’s do you hear about that are constantly knocking even with 93 octane fuel and nearly stock with little to no modifications. Part reason is because the inside of intake manifold is coated with oil that comes from the valve cover. Oil in the combustion reduces octane and causes buildup. Why are there so many 3.5’s that leak oil; there are even jokes and meme’s about it. Well, to understand let me take the opportunity and go over the PCV system and solutions.  ...  Continue Reading