Nitrous System, Purge and Warmer Bundle


This is a complete Dynotune Nitrous Wet Kit with a single nozzle.
Comes with a 10lb bottle, nozzles, jets, solenoids, nitrous lines, wire harness, switches, EVERYTHING!

This Bundle package includes:
Dynotune Bottle Warmer kit.
Dynotune Purge kit.

We like to list products that are proven and tested, with nearly 10 years of using this kit in one of the fastest maxima’s in the USA we are happy to offer this to you.

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This System will work on 4 or 6 cylinder engines. The system is adjustable from 35 to 75 HP by changing the jets included. It can go up to 150hp with different jets.

This Universal EFI wet Kit is the most complete kit available all the way down to the Tap for the nozzle. Quality stainless steel components are standard on all DynoTune Nitrous kits, not plastic or brass. The purge and bottle systems are included with this bundle.

Parts Included:

Nitrous System

– 10lb bottle with high flow valve
– 4AN bottle nut & Teflon washer
– Stainless quick connect Bottle brackets and hardware
– 16 foot braided stainless feed line, blue fittings
– High Flow Nitrous and Fuel solenoids
– Solenoid mounting bracket
– 2 foot Braided stainless Nitrous and Fuel feed lines, red and blue fittings
– Braided stainless line for Fuel rail test port installation, red fitting
– Jets for 35, 50 and 75HP (max 175hp with different jets)
– High flow Wet Nozzle
– Wet Nozzle Mounting adaptor so the Nozzle does not blow out during injection causing a fire, makes mounting the nozzle in plastic or rubber a snap!
– Nozzle tap
– 5/16″ fuel injection hose with clamps and brass “T”, all fittings and clamps for a complete installation
– Lighted arming switch, relay, wire and wire harness, fuse, crimp terminals etc..
– Micro throttle activation switch and mounting bracket
– A 22 page Nitrous installation and tuning book is included! Full pictures and detailed installation instructions for all the fuel injection applications

Warmer System

Dynotune Nitrous Bottle Warmer Kit

This Nitrous Bottle warmer heater is one of the best available and uses the smallest most accurate pressure switch available. It comes with all the components to install and is made out of superior components! It will work with your existing bottle adaptor. It will keep your bottle at an optimum pressure 900-950 PSI (Fully adjustable from 550-1250PSI). The heater is a full silicone flexible heater with Velcro straps for quick bottle changes. The kit includes all the wiring needed, fittings, relay, switch, fuse, and instructions.

Purge System

Dynotune Nitrous Purge Kit

This nitrous Purge System bleeds the air from the Nitrous line while also sending a plume of Nitrous high into the air. It has the standard feed line 4AN

input and is compatible with all nitrous systems. It comes with complete instructions and the nitrous Purge system kit is made of superior components including a stainless steel high flow Nitrous solenoid(same as in the nitrous kit), fittings, Momentary switch, tie wraps, adaptors and enough Purge tubing to mount it just about any location.

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