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How to rear mount turbo your car. Part 2

Stock VQ35DE Broken Rod compared to an Eagle H-Beam Rod

Rear Mount Turbo VQ35 Swap

After racing the VQ30 a lot I eventually needed to replace the head gasket. Since this was my first experience tuning a car, the engine spent a lot of time knocking initially. I wrote an article about my tuning experience here. Over time I noticed that at 10psi the coolant reservoir would over fill, this meant that the head gasket was starting to fail. I then replaced the gasket and continued pushing the VQ30 passed 10psi. The engine started to also develop additional blow-by because the rings were not sealing properly. I believe these failures were due to my tuning experience, I am not upset nor do I regret this as this was part of the learning experience for tuning a turbo car.  ...  Continue Reading